Eternal Hunting Ground outside screening – at Fiskerens Hus in Ålesund!

Great to be part of Moving Art festival in Ålesund 4- 7 march. There was a art-walk around town where all the works was presented. It was a really atmospheric evening, and lovely to see the film screened on a building, outside. The film was also screened with sound inside Torghallen.
A huge thanks to the artist at Aggregat kunstfelleskap for inviting the film to the festival and this really special event!

Outside screening at Fiskerens Hus in Ålesund!

2018 New York International Children’s Film Festival!

1040912-nyicff-adds-stop-motion-award-calls-entriesHURRAY! The film is coming to NEW YORK!  “Eternal Hunting Grounds” is to be screened in the competition program at North America’s largest film festival for kids and teens:
The 2018 New York International Children’s Film Festival!
The festival will take place over four weekends between Feb. 23rd & March 18th in venues across New York City. Eternal Hunting Grounds will be part of the following program:
Heebie Jeebies. That program will screen on the following dates and times:

Sunday, February 25, 2018 5:15 PM Cinepolis Chelsea

Saturday, March 3, 2018 1:00 PM Scandinavia House

Saturday, March 10, 2018 4:30 PM SVA Theatre

Sunday, March 18, 2018 2:45 PM Cinepolis Chelsea

If you are in New York please go along – and maybe I see you there!

Here is a bit more about the festival

2018 Oscars: 63 Animated Shorts Are Competing This Year and “Eternal Hunting Grounds” is on the list!

2018 Oscars: 63 Animated Shorts Are Competing This Year
and “Eternal Hunting Grounds”  is one of the selected films.

Cartoon Brew has obtained the list of animated shorts that were submitted for consideration and qualified in the animated short film category of the 90th Academy Awards.

Congratulations to the whole crew and everyone else involved for being on the list! Triin Sarapik-Kivi, Urmas Jõemees, Robert Stengård, Sam Mcloughlin, Yngve Leidulv Sætre, Ingvil Giske, Margrethe Danielsen, Rosanna Vio, Kerdi Kuusik-Oengo, Sergei Kibus, Eivor Vindenes and everyone else at Nukufilm OÜ and beyond – could not have done this without you.

Special Mention at Leeds International Filmfestival!

Eternal Hunting Grounds received a
“Special mention” at Leeds International Filmfestival!
Eternal Hunting Grounds
(Elin Grimstad, Estonia, Norway)
“A completely unique and captivating film that created a beautiful and macabre atmosphere. We liked how it explored how children might perceive and engage with ideas beyond the grave.”

Eternal Hunting Grounds at Animated Dreams Festival in Tallinn!

animated-dreams-postSo happy to take part in Animated Dreams Festival ! In the program MADE IN ESTONIA, a collection of new Estonian animated short films, clearly show that this is still the case. The programme is characterised by the extreme diversity of the films, both in content and style. This is one of the important factors of Estonian animation – everyone follows their own path, and there is no such thing as a unified school, which could result in clichéd work.

Eternal Hunting Grounds BEST ANIMATED SHORT at DOK Leipzig!

Eternal Hunting Grounds was awarded THE GOLDEN DOVE for best animated short at DOK Leipzig 2016!Laurel_Leaves_Winners_2015
A wonderful surprise and a great honour! Thank you DOK Leipzig for inviting the film to take part in the prestigious festival and thank you very much to the jury .
This honourable award is for everyone that has been involved in the making of
the film. ❤ As DOK Leipzig is an an Oscar– qualifying festival, Eternal Hunting Grounds is now eligible for the nominations for the Academy Awards.

golden-dove-dok-leipzig2-previewJury Statement
The jury very much enjoyed the idea behind this film, which is about two very imaginative children exploring their world and the meaning of death. We felt that the delightful design and the animation style matched the subject matter beautifully.

I was present to receive the award.

Evige Jaktmarker på DKS- turne i Akershus, Oslo, Nordland og Buskerud!

Eg og filmen skal besøke 100-vis av born i haust!
Evige Jaktmarker skal på turne i ikkje mindre enn fire fylke.
Kjempeflott å få oppleve reaksjonar frå borna og diskutere tematikken med dei.
Har også laga ei spesiell utstilling frå filmen, lys-sette glasmonter med iscenesetting
av nokre av figurane og miljø frå filmen.
Turneen byrjar i Akershus, og er allereie i gang.



vlcsnap-2016-01-27-17h02m08s053We are thrilled to say the Eternal Hunting Grounds is FINALLY finished!
The premiere will be at Filmens Hus in Oslo 5 march and in Tallinn 23 march. WELCOME!

The shooting was already finished march 2014, but the soundtrack and
post-production has taken a long time to complete.
This blog has also been updated, please check it out!
I moved all the puppets and parts out of the studio and moved from Tallinn in june.
We had a little party at Nukufilm when the last shot was done.
(There are some photos under the credits menu.)

Shooting continues!

2014-03-26 10.43.54

So – the shots from the birch forest are now all nearly done, I have to say
they turned out very atmospheric!
Andres Tenusaar has helped us animating some shots too, which has been great.
All the panning, zooms and tilts of the camera are done manually – frame by frame. By either moving the camera inch by inch, or by moving the glasses manually using a turning handle. Doing it like this, creates a less smooth movement, which suits the aesthetics of the film. If the film is made on a multiglas animation table- it should be done all the way like that!
Not suddenly start using digital pans and things, that can look very mechanical.

In one of the shots we did, the aim was to capture the children’s perspective as they are walking through the birch forest. All the foliage had to be right up close to the children’s eyes, and slip away as they walked through it. For this shot, Sergei was sitting up on top of the camera rostrum. While he was moving the camera frame by frame towards the glass table, Andres was animating the plants brushing past gradually, as the forest opens up.
There was also insects flying, and a beautiful spiderweb with a spider climbing past. The web was made by Külli. The web had to be fitted on to the glass by several hands for the web not to be broken.

I won´t share so many stills just yet, as it´s a secret off course until the premiere! But here is one from the previous mentioned shot, and some from the set building.

Sequence 01

Sequence 01_1

Birch-forest scene

This week we have been building a atmospheric birch-forest on the animation table.
It looks like a world I´d happily wander into!

The birches in front layers are moulded and painted with watercolour, while the birch trees at the back are made of translucent Yupo paper. The branches and leaves are made of wire covered with paper and painted, as well as the birch leaves.

Birch forest